Tips to Get More Coins to Unlock All Cards Pack Worms3 iPhone

Team 17 Software has launched Worms3 as a turn-based strategy shooting game
In this game, you can also play strategic cards and collect in-game rewards that you can use to purchase bronze, silver and gold cards then build your deck from 41 designed cards

worms 3 walkthrough ios android

Early on this game, playing cards can turn the tides of battle if you can play them strategically.
Here, you get the option to enable playing cards during the single player campaign, in which you can also earn some coins that you can use to buy some booster packs

Later on, you will be brought to go through each level that has three stars to earn.
Completing each level will earn you start, whereby you must plan your moves out ahead so that you will not take too much time during your turns

When battling with enemies, always watch out on the wind meter at the top right corner of the screen
At this point, the direction arrows are pointing in correspond to the direction the wind is blowing.
If you see more arrows there, you will get stronger wind.
You can also see that certain weapons and items such as the bazooka will be affected by wind power

During in that moment, always watch out on the environment when taking down the enemy worms
In line with this, keep a look out for worms in a tad closing to the water.
Just get right next to them while using a weapon with strong knockback such as the bat or fire punch to beat them at once

On the other side, you can also use the ninja rope to get around at ease
Using the ninja rope will allow you to stick to a surface and you can also swing your worm around.

Moreover, using this will be handy to get around weird mountains and hills, and it is also useful for positioning your worms when you are about to battle with enemies in each stage.

Later on, you must also learn and experiment team compositions which is based on four classes, which are soldier, scout, scientist, and heavy.

The soldier is the all-around class
It can be said as equal in everything but it excels at nothing.

The scout one can move fast and jump high
It has a tiny body to boot, that will make it harder to hit.
But, the weapon damage is the weakest out of the four classes.

The scientist is a little weaker than the soldier class.
Anyway, at initial step of the scientist’s turn, each worm on his team is healed for 5 HP health.

The heavy class is the slowest and least mobile of the worms.
It is caused by he has big body among other classes
Because of its big body, it will make him an easy target.
Besides, this class has higher health than normal class
And, he can do the most damage out of all the classes that will be useful to take out enemy at once.

After learning each class, you can manage your team by experimenting around with the classes
Once having a unit based on your play style, you can then go to the battle for glory and coins, the premium currency of this game

Thus, be sure to win each battle as this will earn you a bunch of coins as reward
With all you have collected through the game, you will be able to purchase cards pack to continue to later levels in this game


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