Tips to Get High Score in Rush Hero iPhone

Again, Ketchapp has launched its newest endless runner game, which is wrapped in Rush Hero that you can play mainly on ios devices and it will may come to android platform in later updates

rush hero walkthrough ios android

Here, you will simply guide your character to move left and right around the screen.
During in your run, you will be tasked to avoid the falling or bouncing rocks

Meanwhile, you will be challenged to go through that obstacles and score as many points as you can, without getting smashed by a rock

Every time you see a rock hits the ground, you will be granted with one point.
Then, you will see these rocks to come up more often while you are running
Thus, this will be very easy to gain a high score when the screen is loaded with rocks.

To play this game comfortably, you can try playing with your finger at the bottom of the screen rather than at the top.

Using your finger at the bottom of the screen will give you better field of your vision
Thus, it will be easy to see all of the bouncing rocks overhead.
Anyway, any obstruction to your view can make you die a whole lot more quickly.

Always keep moving around on the screen, as if you stay in one place for too long, it can be very easy to end up trapped in a corner.
Just always watch and learn where the smallest number of rocks will be falling at a time.

On the other side, this game will show the ads popping up on the screen while you are playing
In order to get rid of all of the ads, you can purchase ads removal from iaps, or you can set the phone into airplane mode to disappear the ads.

Because the developer makes the income from this ads, it will be highly recommended to purchase ads removal from iaps

Always consider to rest your mind for awhile then come back to it later.
Once refreshing your mind, come back to the game to make a new record of your score


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