Tips to Get High Score in Kung Fury iPhone

Hello There has brought Kung Fury as a simple concept game where all you will do is to fight against a bunch of enemies with your skills and combos for gaining score as high as possible

kung fury walkthrough apple watch android

Along the game, the main point to play this game is to try to keep the combos going by turning every tap on the screen into a hit.
In line with this, every time you hit a new target again, it will carry over whereby you must try to take your time at first and keep hitting the enemies to increase your combo and score.

Sometimes, you will only lose a few hits on the combo meter when dealing with the targets
Also, always remember that the ladies wearing white will count as a miss, as they teleport when you try to hit them
Thus, only go at them when you are sure you will get a hit.

Early on the game, just try only to hit the enemies coming from one side, going as far to the left or right as possible.
If you can keep doing this, you will easily get a super duper combo
So, just try to handle them all

To continue to the next stage, you will find a rhythm of tapping to hit each enemy
Here, if you must practice a bit to see that you can indeed find a rhythm that will give you perfect strikes at the right time.

Later on, you will be in situation where you are surrounded by hordes of enemies
When being in this moment, always try to look at the closest ones that is about to attack at that moment.
In the mean time, always focus on what happens around you and you will last a lot longer in the game

In addition, you will get a moment when you will be surrounded by those with the most dangerous ones.
When dealing with them, just try to stop caring about bonuses and combos

Otherwise, all you will have to do here is to tap while trying to get out of that tight spot by clearing one of the sides and moving a few taps in that direction

Afterward, you can then work on the other pile of enemies, while building your combo meter back up that will guide you to gain high score.


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