Tips to Get High Score in Battle Golf iPhone

Battle Golf made by Colin Lane can be categorized into a new endless golfing game designed specifically for the iOS and Android platforms.

battle golf basic guides apple watch android

In this game, you will play as a pro golfer trying to hit hole in ones on various islands and other things on the sea
In the mean time, you will also be tasked to score up as many holes in one as you can within the time limit.

As the beginner in this game, it will highly be recommended to keep practicing and trying to make shots closing to the holes.

When doing so, you must learn how to angle the shot and how much power needed to land on the highway and have the ball roll through the hole.

Anyway, it is pretty simple as it looks like
But, you must experiment with more advanced techniques to maximize your score.

To shoot the ball, you can try having your shot angled
And, it is almost ready to go while the islands are in the middle of their transition.

At that time, you will see that islands usually pop up in one of two or three places
So, you have to memorize them and predict where you will shoot the ball next.

Always remember that you will be provided within one minute time limit to do that action.
In line with this, every time you make a shot, you will be rewarded with a five second bonus.
So, if you make shots faster, you will have to hit the ball more time

For later levels, you may sometimes have a completely flat island, or a whale or an octopus or some other types of sea animals there.
Seeing all of these things will be much tougher to make shots on since there are no walls.

Anyway, always try to angle your shots to land before the flag, then just let them roll in
At the same time, you must avoid the birds as they will screw up your shot.

You can also play this game online in versus mode, where you can screw up your rival by shooting a golf ball right at them and hitting them.
Doing that will make them fall down and stay laying on the ground for about 10 seconds, whereby it will make them unable to make a shot within time period.

This technique will be handy to hit them, but you will miss out on a chance to make your own shot
So, it will be your decision to make better play based on your play style when dealing with your friends online


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