Tips to Get Gold TRP in RPG Tears Revolude iPhone

Kemco associated with WorldWideSoftware have recently launched their newest game called as RPG Tears Revolude that you can play mainly on both the ios and android devices

rpg tears revolude walkthrough ios android

Anyway, this game seems to be as a classic command based RPG with a 3D map interface and it is made in a more standard JRPG format

Here, you will merely guide some heroes to travel from town to town, while clearing out an associated dungeon or two of monsters before picking up a plot coupon that you can use to go to the next town.

Along the game, you will guide Sion, a treasure hunter and art fanatic accompanied by his faithful companion Michelle will go on their adventure to discover The Guild, a sort of regional power, is after Liara, a mysterious girl who has no memory of who she is or where she came from

This game has been made with great graphics, where you can see the dungeon backgrounds, both in and out of battle, are fully 3D, with characters and monsters represented by animated 2D sprites.

You will also get involved in the battles which are fairly traditional turn-based affairs.
Here, your heroes can use solo special attacks consuming one of the four segments of the meter
In the mean time, you can bring in up to three other heroes on the attack at the cost of one segment per hero.

When performing the special attacks, you will get to touch dots in a pattern while a timer counts down.
If you touch it more, the resulting attack will be stronger.
Besides, your heroes will come along with individual skills consuming MP of each use.

In the battlefield, you can collect a certain number of items dropped by enemies in the next dungeon
In this game, every hero can equip an assortment of accessories and gems conveying a variety of bonuses.

You will also be equipped with new weapons for free, and you need to use your gold to modify and upgrade existing ones.

Also, you can add gem slots to each hero`s weapon, improve its stats, or even modify it into a different forms that will teach your hero different skills

When playing regularly, be sure to check your achievements as this game supports Game Center achievements that will reward you with some of the game’s premium currency for unlocking them.

In order to get gold and gems, you can get them by winning battles with enemies
If you want to get more gold, you can try to replay in older levels that you have beaten before

Sometimes, you may earn enough of the currency by playing to get most of the way to unlocking some of the dungeons in this game

In addition, you will also have to enhance your weapon and learn new skills after going through some battles in this game

To do this, just go to the blacksmith in town to enhance your characters’ weapons and learn new skills.
In line with this, every hero herein can learn up to five skills that you can use to deal massive damage toward enemies
You can also store SP to deliver your special abilities


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