Tips to Get Gold Coins Prisms in Tactile Wars iPhone

Tactile Wars from Ankama is categorized into a new MMO strategy game that you can play both on the iOS and Android platforms.

tactile wars walkthrough ios android

As a new strategy game, it offers tower defense and tower offense to raid enemies base and defend your base as well

Along the game, you will be assigned to get gold and prisms to build up your base into a super powerful one.

Here, your best formation will determine your victory in the battlefield
For such reasons, just try to draw a formation shape to anticipate enemies that they come from at the time
In the mean time, you can change its shape when enemies come from new places.

Sometimes, you will get to go through mine fields, whereby you will need to draw a tight and tiny circle to make your formation crowd together.

In related to these mine field, you can try to run over them fast before they blow up, so that you will take absolutely no damage.

Or, you can draw your unit in a straight line parallel to the mine line then try to run through them to make them all go away fast
besides, you can also bunch your team together in formation then run through one of them at once.

When getting involved in the battlefield, you can apply hit and run technique.
Try to get close enough to shoot, then go back a bit and get closer enough to get some shots in but far enough to make a space to run.
When doing so, you will take far less shots.

As said earlier, you will need defend your base with any mean necessary
In line with this, you can test your base by placing all of your defensive implements, then attack your own base.
So, if you can win against your base, you can apply your technique to the enemies base

Gold coins and prisms can be said as premium currencies of this game
You can earn free coins by going to the shop area to watch advertisement videos.
Also, you will be rewarded with prisms once watching it

Meanwhile, every time, you can complete the various missions you will get prisms for free
You can get these missions located underneath the trophy icon, where you will sometimes be tasked to do various objectives such as attacking, defending, or leveling up.
If you can complete them well, you will get free gold, free prisms and free experience points


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