Tips to Get Full Lives in Capitals Free Word Battle iPhone

NimbleBit has a free and addictive social word game called Capitals, where you can play against your friends to spell the best words and make the best of your strategy to defend your capital to beat your rivals and expand your territory.

capitals free word battle walkthrough ios android

To play this game, just try to use the letters near with your territories
Here, you can try to use some other letters far from your territories
And, you can also use them as bridge letters to link more nearby territories.

Be sure to make a lot of territories first even if your word will be only a 3 letter words.
If you can expand your territories into further, it will much be harder to be beaten then you can go into the enemies capital as soon as possible.

On the other side, you can also make the enemy create one letter gap between his or her territory to your own territory.
Once your rival has created one letter gap, you can reduce his or her territory.
If you can reduce territory, you will have an advantage over your rivals.

Oftentimes, the trading of territory will start, and your new main priority is to go after his or her Capital.
Building a lot of territories before the trading will give you more advantage over your enemy.

Once hitting the capital, go for the completion
But, if the enemy can survive, you can go to its new capital to finish them

In this game, you can spell words with any letter tiles in any order.
You can play tiles that touch or lead back to your own territory to expand it

On the other side, if your rival is open his or her Capital, you can knock it out to gain an extra turn.
Moreover, if you get them on the ropes, you can knock their remaining tiles.
Every time, you can knock the remaining tiles of your enemy, you will be the winner.

In addition, this game will come along with lives that you will need when you run out to make or defend your capital
Recently, to get them is by making a purchase through iap store
Anyway, if you have any other way to get them for free, you can comment on this article to give a good reference for the other users


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