Tips to Get Food Items Cheats This War of Mine iPhone

Based on the review of This War of Mine game on the previous article in this page, this game will be likely as a unique and amazing RPG with a survival simulator that is recently played on ios devices only

this war of mine strategy ios android

Along the game, all you will do is to complete a stage and try to survive in any weather and situation given by this game

Early on this game, you will choose a character and get new loot in your house.
To protect your loot, you must build your house with the building materials as much as possible

In the mean time, you should feed the survivors to keep them alive
Here, food is the rare one to find in this game
Just feed your survivors every other day
If you have a lot of excess food, just keep it for later days to survive

This is survival game where at night will be the time for the outsiders to come to any house in this game

In other words, it is rarely for your survivors to sleep during the night, as the dangers lurk outside.
For such reasons, you must guard them during the night, and rest them during the day.

At that time, you can use weapons for even better defense.
When the day starts, just try to send the tired ones to sleep and keep one to do some crafting.
Later on, you can switch roles as soon as one is up so that you will have well rested survivors

Sometimes, you will need a roaming or a scavenging through each area
In accordance with this, you can send somebody with the big backpack size to scavenge
And, if there are more people with the same backpack space, you can send your best runner or the soldier to do that action.

When doing so, be sure to leave the area before 5AM, or you will risk losing your survivor
For such reasons, leaving that outside area at 4AM or 3AM will be the best time for them to come back at one piece

Throughout the game, food will be the vital item that you will get at all cost
Besides, you can also bring back components, wood and medicine since these items are extremely important to be used for your survivors.

When having a roaming, you can carry items around then replace them if you find rarer and better ones. So, always make sure to return home with full spaces in your backpack, mainly for food one

When exploring new area, you can investigate the safest areas first
Just ignore the areas that have no food in which you can look in the description when doing so.
Just explore everything in an eye symbol then you can stumble upon hidden loot.
you can start with the AI scavenges areas, as these ones are the safest and easiest start
Then, you can work your way up to gather the easy loot.

Always carry on useful equipment when scavenging
You can also try to build stockpiles of loot closer to the exit
But, there is the risk to have somebody steal your entire stash in which at least you can try first that you may consider for the best strategy

During in your roaming, do it stealthy and prepare to kill enemies for having loot.
According to this, you can send Roman over if you have him, since he can do a clean swipe of an entire area
Also, he can get as much as you can during the first night
Then, you can also send somebody with a larger backpack the other night.

Sometimes, you may get involved into a fight.
To deal with this, you can use a combination of stealth and melee weapons when fighting against enemy
At this time, just wait in the shadows for an enemy to pass, then when the icon is yellow, you can stealthily take them out.
Or, you can sneak up and take them out at a time.

In order to beat one some enemies, you can draw them into good areas for a kill such as the one with a lot of material surrounding it
Meanwhile, you run around to make noise, so that they will chase your scavenger`s position.
Find something to hide, or you can hide in the shadows and use stealth to take them out.
To take them more, just keep calm and wait for the perfect moment to bet them one by one with your own strategy while utilizing the weapons you are carrying on.

You can do all of this with a trading items for the other items that you really need most
According to this, if you have characters with no vices, you can try the items used for vices to get some great deals
You can trade cigarettes, coffee and such things for having some items that you do not have yet

As said earlier, once collecting more items, you must protect them at all cost
To protect them, you must build your base at the bottom of the house
There, you should try to cram them in one place, as this is to reduce the distance that has to be covered by your characters during the day.

To survive in this game, it will be tough to get through the winter when it is coming
Thus, get prepare your self to get the best protection for house and new stuff, you have gathered form each area


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