Tips to Get Easy Gems Shard Coins Big Bang Racing iPhone

Traplight has recently launched Big Bang Racing as a physics based racing game both on the ios and android stores

big bang racing walkthrough ios android

Here, all you will do is to race against other players worldwide in the tracks that you can create on your own

During in your race, you can perform actions when being on the air rotations where you can perform flips and tricks to boost your performance

In the beginning of the game, make sure to learn a full rotation in the air where you will light up your wheels at that moment

After landing on the ground, you will get a short speed boost that you can use to deal with your opponents.

Early on the game, you may find out that your offroader will rotate slowly in the air
In line with this, make sure to scope out the terrain in front of you so that you will get a clear path to do the jump
Always do this before you commit to a flip

When doing your action, you may screw up a flip and land on your head, so that it will cause you to lose your hat.
So, always watch out when trying to land on the ground
Moreover, some levels may drop objects behind or above you, so always keep your eyes open

Gems are the premium currency in this game that you can get in any other way
In accordance with this, you can take part in levels created by the community, where such levels will float up into the sky as a purple gem in the sky.

Thus, make sure to get your offroader involved to play these levels when they come up
It is caused by, they will earn you gems at ease

Besides, you must also collect map pieces and coins
Plus, you have to collect gem shards in which mini shards will replace the typical coins
Each time you can collect 100 of this currency, you will earn a gem.
Later on, collecting the three big shards will guide you to pass the level
In other words, if you can collect three of them, you will get 25 mini shards each.

On other side, if you can complete the regular trial levels, you will get three map pieces per level.
After collecting enough map pieces, you will find an Adventure Chest containing upgrade parts and gems

Meanwhile, if you can place high enough in a league race against other players’ ghosts, a medal is waiting to collect
And,if you can collect four medals, you will be allowed to create a Racing chest where you can serve a track based on your style

Every time, you will join in a competition, make sure to upgrade your components to increase your CC.
Doing so will make your vehicles go faster than the default vehicle you are riding now


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