Tips to Get Diamond Soul Card in Revengers Super Heroes of Kingdoms iPhone

Revengers: Super heroes of Kingdoms from Yi Liu can be said as a 3D multi-touch real time fighting card game that you can play both on ios and android devices

revengers super heroes of kingdoms walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will be able to recruit epic heroes more than 500 famous generals such as Lv Bu, Liu Bei, Cao Cao, Guan Yu, even Zhao Yun then create your own Five Tiger Generals with countless combo formation in the battlefield

Each hero here has specific skills that can be strengthened after evolution
In line with this, you can form multiple teams with different skill sets to get the challenge
You should then evolve your heroes as in the following order
Normal card to Real Card
Real Card to Ghost
Ghost Card to God Card

Then you can also upgrade your heroes as in the following orders
Heroes in 3 Stars must be upgraded to 4 Stars
Heroes in 4 Stars must be upgraded to 5 Stars

As a commander, you will be able to deploy your army into strategy position to get victory in the battle
When battling with enemies, you can control and unleash the Power Skill by Real-time in battle
You can then get 1 Military order for every 8 minutes

When being at the arena, after the rival selection, you will have 4s to see your rival formation
In line with this, if you feel you cannot win your rival, just tap on the x on the right upper corner to close the fight but you will only get 4s before entering to the formation adjusting interface.

On the other side, you can direct close the battle when entering into the formation adjusting interface
There, you will still get card soul reward and stand a chance to get holy stone.

And, if you have the core card such as Zhuge Liang or Zhou Yu, try to stop upgrade your force at warrior 9 along with some advantages
You can get around 20w of card soul daily
Then, you can try to raid the stage of chapter 1-4 for the blue, black and silver card.
After getting the core silver card, your force will be boost up quickly.

When playing in pvp mode, the defend side will have more morale then the attack side
At this point, the basic morale for defend side will be 4 morale, plus with the bonus from the servant

Basically, it will be around 6 morale at the initial start of the game, and it will be around 7 or above at the late game.
And, the morale itself will increase 1 point for every 3.3 second automatically in the battlefield
In regular basis, you will be able to get free draw for 5 times daily, so just always draw it.

It will be recommended to assign for daily military order
At this phase, when having less card soul, you can reserve some military order to join the Go Go Richman event
When being there, you can get lots of card souls when robbing those rich man, so that you will get higher total force, that will lead you to get more souls card.

As usual, this game will feature gold and diamonds as the main currencies
In order to get more gold in this game, you must get the core card that you can do by drawing card with diamond.
Also, you will also get a chance to earn more gold by checking your achievements

In addition, every time you can win the battle with enemies you will be rewarded with either gold or diamonds that you can use to power up your heroes later on


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