Tips to Get Combo Chronosphere in Tap Transcend Rebirth iPhone

If you like clicker game on your device, you may have known that Tap Transcend Rebirth has come to the ios and android platforms

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In this game, you will start with one atom, add elements then you get to build your own planet and star, while trying to expand all the way to the point where you build your own universe.

Later on, you will take part in battle against other players online to prove that you have the most dominant universe in the game.

Along the game, all you will do is to get GP to keep the upgrades flowing.
In line with this, you must get the capacity upgrades and the per tap upgrades and unlock new elements and upgrade them to the point of evolution.

Note that one of the skills will max out your GP bar, where you must use it when you are about to get a specific capacity upgrade to fill the bar for an instant per tap upgrade.

According to this, be sure to get elements by the boatload.
When you are about to purchase and evolve more elements, be sure to firstly purchase 10, 25, 50, or 100 of them at a time
You can do this by tapping on the little X1 and change it to one of the other above options.
Then, with each 100 purchases of an element, you can then evolve it to increase its GP per second earnings by one exponent.

On the other side, if you have a pending upgrade, just tap the requirements button where you will notice what will be needed for the upgrade
Here, the one time consuming variable for anything is KP, that will be available by the second
Anyway, the right upgrades can speed along your KP earnings
And, you can use Chronosphere, the premium currency of the game to speed everything
If you want it to happen, you can use 10 Chronosphere to upgrade in a minute

Then, if you want to gain more GP, just go to your planetary screen and search for spaceships to appear and fly around your planet.
There, make sure to tap them so that they can blow out of the sky
because of this, you will get GP or Chronosphere for free that will be useful to speed the upgrading process in the game.


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