Tips to Get Coins Gems Fast in Final Meteor The JRPG Clicker iPhone

If you like playing any clicker game on the go, you may ave known that a new clicker game with jrpg formula has been launched on the apple store

final meteor the jrpg clicker walkthrough ios android

This game is called Final Meteor, a new JRPG clicker game developed by ClapClap Media where you will get to tap to attack monsters, level up your abilities, cast spells, upgrade your weapon and armor then gain experience points to level up
Later on, you will also be brought to explore new areas and discover treasures.

In related to the upgrades, you will have to upgrade your weapons, armor and spells which will give you the maximum return on your investment.

At initial levels on new stage, you must beat a boss with any mean necessary.
In line with this, you can move onto the next stage at any time and try to beat the boss
But, make sure you upgrade your abilities and weapons before dealing with bosses

In the way of beating a boss, attack the boss as fast as possible to determine if that boss is immune to your current spell you are casting.
If that boss is immune to your spell, you can then switch spells and upgrade it.

On the other side, every time you gain a level, you are allowed to select and pick one of three upgrades.
At this point, you can upgrade the spell damage boost since it has a very instant effect to any enemy you are dealing with.

Besides, you can have the dexterity upgrade which has very quick returns after going through a few levels, when enemies try to avoid your attacks.

As usual, coins and gems are the main currencies of this game that you can get for free by watching the promotional video from the developer

In accordance with this, every time, you have an ad video, you will be rewarded with either coins or gems, or a power-up scroll.
Moreover, you will also be able to unlock a free automatic hit point restoration if you gain a level.

To get more coins, all you will do is to defeat a boss with any weapons and spells you currently have
If you can do so well, an offer for a coin bonus will automatically pop up as a reward for your victory.


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