Tips to Get Coins Dynamite in Talking Tom Gold Run iPhone

If you are familiar with Talking Tom games, you may have known that the newest series of Talking Tom franchise has come out on the apple store and android market

talking tom gold run walkthrough ios android

This new series is called as Talking Tom Gold Run as an endless runner game where you will get to run and jump various obstacles, while collecting coins along the path

To play this game, just swipe to the left or right moves Tom around
Then, tap him to make him jump into the air.
Also, he can move in mid air by swiping to the left or right to go in that direction.

Here, you must collect gold coins while performing your action
Always wear a football helmet to protect you from one knock from an obstacle, and use a 2x multiplier to boost your gold earning

Make sure to pick up a magnet to make gold follow you
And, you can take a ride in an airplane, where you can collect extra gold.

Once getting gold, use it to get some upgrades to your home that will boost your score multiplier
Moreover, use gold to get a vault for having more bonuses in form of extra gold, dynamite, and the various premium currencies which will be useful to upgrade Tom and his friends.

On the other side, you can also get the currency through vaults, watching adverts, and using the airplane boost.
Every single character will come along with a different ability
Angela can upgrade her double bars duration
Tom’s magnet duration can be upgraded much higher than her
Early on the game, just stick to them for a while.

When seeing a parcel drop out of the sky, make sure to tap it, which will lead you to watch a video for having bonuses and upgrades.

By watching such videos, you can get upgrade coins to boost your character’s abilities.
You may also get dynamite after doing that action


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