Tips to Get A Lot More Star Diamonds in FarmVille Harvest Swap iPhone

Zynga has presented Farmville: Harvest Swap on ios and android platforms in which this game is a kind of a new match-three puzzle game where you will simply match three or more crops in the same shape for diamonds and stars

farmville harvest swap walkthrough ios android

In each level, you will be given with five lives
Then, whenever you lose all five of your lives, you must wait half an hour for at least one of them to get back.

Anyway, you can regenerate your lives in a quick time by applying the time lapse trick
Just set the time ahead on your phone by half an hour per life that you want to get back.
Afterward, go back to the game and you will get a full set of lives there.
Once getting your lives back, set the time back to normal, while keeping all of those extra lives as well.

Alternatively, you can connect this game to Facebook so that you can ask your friends playing this game for lives.

Here, you will also see the special moves, such as the barrel and the sparkling crop in which five pieces and four pieces respectively make these happen or a prize crop which is made by an L-shape or a T-shape combo.

In line with this, just try to make a box of 2×2 crops to get a box, that can be used by drawing a line through a crop next to it
In the mean time, try making a line using all adjacent crops of the same color including diagonal crops.

Along the game, be sure to pay attention to what you are actually supposed to do on every level.
At this point, you can try mixing two of the special pieces together
You can do this for a prize or a sparkling crop and a barrel, or two barrels, in which it is the best way to clear out a ton of crops at a time.

In addition, be sure to have two boxes on the screen at once to do the following trick.
Just draw a line through one type of crop.
End the line on the second box
Next, from the second box you can draw a line through another set of crops.
Later on, you can apply this to make as long of a multi-box combo as you like, with as many boxes as you have on screen.

On the other side, once getting the level clear out successfully, you will be rewarded with diamonds and stars as your achievements


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