Tips to Gain High Score in Outdodge iPhone

OUTDODGE made by Ludoko Studios is a new endless bouncer game specially dedicated to the iOS and Android platforms

outdodge walkthrough ios android

All you will do here is to jump, crouch and reflect to ward off all of the balls which will destroy your jelly.
If you can go farther, you will gain high score

In line with this, the reflecting action will be the main point to be useful action in this game.
At this point, you must try to time it a little bit in order not to get smashed by a ball in between reflects

When you are about to do jumping action, tapping and holding the screen will make your jelly crouch down a little bit.
And, if you let your fingers go off the screen, it will cause your jelly to jump.

Then, if you hold down on the jump button any longer, you will jump higher.
If you hold the screen for a short time and let it go, you will perform a short jump.
Holding it for a long time will allow you to perform a very high jump.

On the other side, you will also be able to perform one reflect in midair while jumping on the air.
But, if you do the reflect while you are falling, you will jump back up while performing the reflect move.
In the mean time, doing it when being on the way up in the middle of a high jump will cut your jump short.

Sometimes, you may use the options menu to turn off the smooth framerate option from 60 frames per second to 30 which can slow the game down slightly

Besides, you may enable the one touch option to change the controls so that tapping on the screen will be easy to do
And, performing a quick tap reflects while a slightly slower tap will get you to duck so that you can prepare for the best jump on the air


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