Tips to Gain High Score in Color 6 iPhone

Tigrido has a new endless puzzle game called Color 6 that you can play both on the ios and android devices

color 6 walkthrough ios android

In this game, all you will have to do is to make hexagons with various shapes popping up on the board.
Every time you make hexagon it will make a clear off of the board

Besides, you should make some combinations without running out of moves where you will be granted with points score based on what you can make hexagon.

When putting a piece on the board, firstly look at the spot where you want to put it
In line with this, keep an eye on spot nearby piece around it.
Just tap on the waiting piece to make adjustments as needed in which you can then place it in the right area.

Sometimes, you may need to rotate the piece before putting it down on the screen
At this time, just tap on the piece, then drag it over to where you want to put it.

To make everything clear, just set the game to night mode
In order to make it happen, when being on the main menu screen, tap on the moon icon.
After doing this, you will see that the background to change from white to black, then the moon will be replaced by the sun.
If you wan to play in daytime mode, just tap on the sun again

On the other side, this game may pop up the ads when you are playing
In the way of getting rid of this, go to the options menu and tap the remove ads button where you will be directed to in app purchase to get rid of all of the ads with specific price.

Or, if you want to play this game without going to iaps, just set the game in airplane mode and shut off the data before playing this game

Anyway, you will get twenty free chances to shuffle the pieces after downloading the game.
To get more of them for free, delete the game then install it again
Once doing so, you will get your 20 pieces back again but you may start from the beginning to make your high score


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