Tips to Earn Rubies Gold in Radical Rappeling iPhone

Halfbrick Studios has presented a new arcade game that is packed Radical Rappelling where you will control Rip and Roxy to descend a volcano faster that the lava falling from above.

radical rappelling walkthrough ios android

In other words, this game can be said as a rather fast pace, where you will have to be constantly on the move while performing tricks, avoid obstacles and ride rockets to get as far as possible.

To play this game, just hold your thumb on the screen to kick off the side of a mountain to fall then lift your thumb at any point to stop moving.

In the mean time, you will also have to avoid obstacles and complete tricks like landing on rocks in a specific order, landing in the middle of a target sign, or falling through a ring of light

Just try to aim to fill the remix bar as possible that you can do by completing as many tricks as you descend down the mountain.
You can ignore tricks located in dangerous surroundings in which you must focus on high score.
In order to dry yourself off, all you will do is to exit the water level.

As usual, this game will come along with a currency system that will allow you to purchase items that will change the characters’ appearance and even the rope’s.
Along the game, you will see some power-ups and perks available for purchase with the coins that you can get by completing missions in this game.

Later on, every time, you have completed a certain number of objectives, you will rank up your level
For such reasons, you will also be granted with new cosmetic items, a cash injection, and a ruby, a premium currency that you can use to buy new cosmetic items or gold.

Gold here will be readily available and you can collect them while you play.
You can use this gold to unlock upgrades that shrink dangerous rocks, allow you to pull gold towards you like a magnet, or slow down lava.

Thus, just use your gold to get some upgrades as these will make your rappelling life a lot easier and will lead you to get score as high as possible.


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