Tips to Earn More Money Cash in 4×4 Jam HD iPhone

Invictus has the most unique all-terrain Off-Road Racing wrapped in 4×4 JAM HD that you can play mainly for ios and android devices soon

4x4 jam hd walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will be brought to race through the river, jump over your rivals, roll down a steep hill and more tracks that will test your adrenaline

You can also challenge your rivals on rainy meadows or hot sand track with your custom built Off-Road vehicles.

Later on, every time, you go through each race, you will be rewarded with money that you can use to purchase anything related to your vehicles

To get more money, you can re Play previous levels that you have already beaten before
Anyway, there is an entry fee for every previous levels you want to play
In line with this, you will have to get 3 stars all the time to maximize your potential income.

Throughout the game, you will also have to try mastering 4 types of game modes, such as sprint, jam, track race and collector
Every game mode will come along with a unique of set of rules.

Early on the game, you can play jam mode as it is the easiest to play with and you can beat the level easily
When playing this mode, all you will do is to remember which route is the shortest to the finish line so that you will get 3 stars that you can use to replay the previous levels for money cash.

To learn every mode in this game, be sure to read this following description
Sprint Mode will get you to race from start to finish on a marked route.
Here, you do not miss any checkpoint and be sure to cross the finish line first.

Jam mode is like Gate Hunt race that is on an offroad track.
In this mode, you will have to reach all gates before your rivals do.
And, be sure to cross the required number of gates first before the other does.

Track Race mode is a kind of a standard race that is an off road track.
When racing in this mode, do not ever miss any checkpoint and be sure to try get the finish line first.

In Collector mode, you will have to collect the most geocaches with the compass that will show you the nearest geocaches.
The main point to play in this mode it to get the required number of geocaches first.

So, to earn more money and win every race is to master all the game modes first
By mastering all of them, you will be able to restart the level without paying the entry fee
On the other side, you can also restart the game mode since they are sometimes difficult to get master

In addition, you can also get some rewards double by watching advertisement videos that will sometimes show up in the middle of the game


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