Tips to Earn More Diamonds in Storm Age iPhone

Storm Age developed by CHE Chunhui can be categorized into a new mobile RPG which is specifically designed for the iOS and Android devices.

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Early on the game, you will get to guide your heroes to explore each area while battling with enemies for resources, gold coins and diamonds then build your heroes with that resources

As you play through the game, you will also be able to unlock a whole other batch of new stuff.
On the other side, you will also be able to gather up things such as hero sigils that will allow you to get new heroes, gold coins and diamonds

When building your heroes, it will slowly level up at first
Later on, you will need to level up your player level that will allow you to unlock a lot of things. If you want to level up your heroes fast, just go to the last dungeon that you have completed before

In the mean time, you can start using your raid scrolls for 10 at a time if you have reached VIP level 5 so that your heroes will level up fast.

Also, you can do this before ever using the EXP cheese, EXP salve or other experience items
And, if their levels start to slow down, just forge ahead in the standard expedition battles until you have got a lot more EXP per battle, then you can raid scrolling again.
Besides, you can also go to battle with the elite dungeons to get double exp

Always remember to upgrade your equipment once having enough gems.
When doing so, once getting all of the inlay positions filled, you can evolve your equipment, then just try upgrading it to a higher color level.
Doing this will make it stronger that will allow you to evolve your hero once having all equipment of the required color.

After evolving your hero’s equipment, you will have to find new kinds of gems in the Sanctum store.
In order to get that rare gems, you can go to challenge the elite dungeons that will guide you to find certain gems matching with advanced equipment.

At the same time, you have to build decorations when you have unlocked those gems
Using them will provide permanent stat boosts of various types to your entire squad
Having such stronger squad will be useful to go through elite dungeon battles as well.
Thus, the more you get involved in elite dungeon battles, the more rare gems you will get

Anyway, participating in such battles seems to be the best way to get more rare gems for free in this game
As said earlier, with specific gems that you have collected form that battles, you can use them to upgrade specific items that will make your squad stronger that before


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