Tips to Earn Gems Coins in Coin Dozer Casino iPhone

Coin Dozer: Casino is a jackpot game developed by Game Circus for the ios and android users
Here, you will merely drop coins which will make the dozer push prizes, coins, and other stuff down into the pit

coin dozer casino walkthrough ios android

Once, those goodies have been there, can then collect and earn prizes including gems
Later on, you will have to complete prize sets, and try to solve puzzles to get additional rewards.

Meanwhile, this game comes along with the big bonus, the brand new jackpot, slot machine and double down spin prizes

In this game, you will have to get coins and gems as the main currencies
To get more coins, just tap the free coins to go to a TapJoy offer list.
There, you will be assigned to watch videos which will reward you with free coins
Anyway, you may need to wait for coins to regenerate which you can drop more of them.

On the other side, you may want to try to drop all six of possible coins, left to right or right to left, next to each other.

Doing so will overlap a bit, in which you will get big coin drops because of it
Moreover, you will get big more coins and lead more coins to be dropped down the front, rather than the sides.

This game will also grant you with free prizes and free spins in a specific time interval
In order to get them, just set your push notifications
In line with this, you are able to get them once they are available to collect.
If you collect them quickly, the countdown will reset fast as well
For such reasons, you can then get the prizes more often

Those prizes and special coins will be handy to earn more of them
Just save your roll and move toward the bottom half of the screen
You can then purchase a Coin Wall for 6 gems.
With this item, it will stop anything from falling off of the side which will help you get more coins and items at ease.

Sometimes, you may be assigned to get a star bonus that you can do by collecting sets of matching prizes

At this point, you can get the classic car set which will give you more chances of winning on the slot machine.
As a reward, you will collect all bonuses from what you have performed there

In addition, gems is the premium currency that you can get in any other ways
Generally, you will be rewarded with gems once completing each level
Perhaps, you can get free gems by watching the promotional videos
If it is possible, you can use this advantage to farm more gems and other rewards easily


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