Tips to Earn Credits Coins in Pac Man 256 iPhone

Namco Bandai Entertainment Europe has launched Pac-Man 256 Endless Arcade Maze that can be categorized into a new endless dot-munching game that you can play both on the iOS and Android devices

pac man 256 wakthrough ios android

In this game, you will see all of the old ghosts and some new ghosts to run away from
Also, this game comes along with the glitch, which swallows the stage behind you when you move so slow
if you are not quick enough.

You can then take on a new gang of revived retro-ghosts including Sue, Funky, and Spunky along with over 15 ridiculous power ups: Laser, Tornado, Giant and much more

Along the game, you will be tasked to score as many points as possible through the multipliers
You can do this with the multipliers which are gained by eating specific types of fruit.

Every time, you eat the green fruit, you will get a x6 multiplier, while eating an apple will give you x3 multiplier.
In the mean time, they will then increase the multiplier of each specific dot which you eat.
Moreover, you will get rewards for racking up ghost multipliers after eating them.

Here, you will also be assigned to earn credit and coins which are the main currencies of this game
At this point, you will have six credits at a time, that you can use to play the levels with the power ups

To get these credits for free, you can try to apply time lapse trick
When you are about to do so, just set the time ahead on your phone by however long it takes.
This trick will also work to speed up upgrade timers and any other timers in the game.

You can also get some credits by replaying in free levels
Plus, you will get the large dot power-up and the fruit multipliers in that levels.

Besides, you will also have to collect some coins along the way
In order to get those coins fast, you can simply watch promotional videos

In accordance with this, if you are offered a video in exchange for coins, be sure to take the offer.
At a time, you will soon the advertisement videos pop up
So, just watch it and you will be granted with few coins after doing so

With these coins, you can use them on the upgrade of power-ups that you already have.
Getting such power ups will get you to keep playing the game in which you will unlock a new power-up at specific numbers of pac-dots.

When performing your action along the way, just try to watch the different patterns of the different ghosts
These ghosts will have different patterns to move regularly
Therefore, you can predict them, so that you can avoid them at ease.

You will often find the gray ghost, Spunky, to wake up when you get closer to it, then chase you rather slowly.

Pinky one will try to get you speedily but drop off after two turns.
Glitchy will also try to get you down almost endlessly, and disappear and reappear at random spots.
Sue and Funky will sometimes line up and move from side to side regardless of your location.


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