Tips to Earn Coins Cash to Upgrade Characters in Teeny Titans iPhone

Cartoon Network has a new endless running game called Teeny Titans which brings gorgeous cartoon graphics that you can comfortably play on the mobile

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Here, all you will do is to race to the top of the ranking as fast as you can
Early on the game, you must firstly learn how to use cleanse
At this point, you must have at least once character in your roster to cast cleanse that can clear all status ailments from your team and get rid of tricky situations.

When dealing with opponents, watch their bar which will allows you to see what they will use and charge up an attack to your team
If you see that, you can stop them with a single swipe
The main point is to learn how to counter the enemies moves

Later on, you will need some upgrades in a shop with some spare cash in doubles to upgrade your heroes fast
To boost them, you can use Moo Chips but you must know their role before adding the chips

Meanwhile, you can swap out different members for smaller fights to grip with new heroes
In the mean time, keep your heroes leveled up and watch and learn them which ones work best together.

When playing in tournaments you are allowed to use six of your roster.
Make sure to bring a couple of healers and heavy hitters there.

Once everything is ready, you can then select some fights on the map.
There, you can gain XP to level up your heroes and some more cash to upgrade them.

During in the game, you will see some coins displayed on the map
Be sure to gather them once they come up there

In order to get them more, you can complete side quests
By completing them, you will get coins and XP to level up your heroes.
Always search for shiny things in the world as they will give you coins or other goodies by tapping them

Sometimes, you will be alerted about sales at the various shops which can save you a lot of money and a bag containing various freebies.
Thus, you can rely on this to get some valuable items for free in the game


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