Tips to Earn Coins and Leaves in Bird Land Paradise Android

Cute Mobile Games has served bird game which is packed in Bird Land Paradise that you can pla mainly on the android phones and it may be launched for ios in the future updates

bird land paradise walkthrough ios android

In this game, you can adopt cute and nice birds, feed them, tickle them, breed them to grow up
In the mean time, you can also decorate your very own Bird cage, get Bird toys to keep your birds happy

Once you play in certain levels, you will gain more experience, that will guide you to get higher level and unlock new cool features

Later on, you can also visit your Birdland neighbors and feed their birds, clean their cages, that will earn you coins as rewards

Coins and leaves are the main currencies of this game
You can earn coins from bucket in your cage every 24 hours.

Besides, you can also collect your everyday neighbor coins by visiting your friends cages.
When doing so, just try to make yours or neighbors‘ birds happy by tickling or loving them
Every time, you do it well, you will get coins as rewards

Also, you can clean yours or your neighbor’s cage to get some coins
Then, adult bird will cost more than teen bird, so you can buy birds and sell them when they are adult

Once getting some coins, you can use them to purchase some cool decorations and accessories for your birds.
You will also get brand new cool items that can be unlocked on every level.
Be sure to use your coins to feed your birds
You can also use your coins to get new cool birds.

Meanwhile, you can also collect more leaves in any other way
You can get them one completing breeding or completing objectives
You can then use leaves to respin on the breeding and speed up things in this game


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