Tips to Dunk Ball Better for High Score in Dunkers iPhone

Dunkers from Colin Lane is a kind of a one touch game with basketball formula where you take a control of a basketball player in a one on one match that you can play on the ios and android.

dunkers walkthrough ios android

Here, all you will do is to tap to jump while trying to dunk the ball in the hoop for score and to unlock new characters

Early on the game, it will be better to practice this game in Arcade mode
Practicing in this mode will allow you to get accustomed to the controls and physics of the game
Besides, this mode can be said as a score attack mode, where you see how many dunks you can get before your rival gets one dunk in on you.

As you may have seen that your character will be flailing around the entire game
At that time, you must time your grabs and dunks for score

If you hold down a jump button longer, you will go further and higher.
For such reasons, you can try to hold down the button for long to have high jumps
Doing so will give you short jumps
At the same time, you must take a control of your jumps
Also, be sure to jump with accuracy, power and precision to dunk the ball into the hoop

When performing your action, you may stay in the air by holding down the jump button
If you can do so, your opponent may not be able to steal the ball from your hands.
In the mean time, try to time you jump so that your arms will not swing towards your opponent at the moment of collision in the game

On the other side, you can use the backpedal at the bottom left corner button
If you cab tap this button, your character can go back hop a little bit.
So, try to use this to reposition your character to get a spot of making a better shot
You can also do this to juke your opponent.

Anyway, using the backpedal is not affected by how long you hold down the button
Thus, just tap it as quick as possible while being on the air as this can be handy to trick your rival which will lead you to get more score


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