Tips to Collect Coins in Gardenscapes New Acres iPhone

Playrix has a new game related to a match 3 puzzle game with a gardening twist entitled Gardenscapes New Acres where you can create your own virtual garden on your phone

gardenscapes new acres walkthrough ios android

Along the game, all you will do is to complete levels, earn stars used to clean up the various gardens and collect coins from what you have performed in the game.

The main objective in the game is to rebuild or repair the old mansion and the surrounding garden grounds by completing puzzles to get more coins and stars

Early on the level, you will need to uncover the gnome statues by looking closely to see where they may be hiding behind a grass

In line with this, make sure to reduce the grass to its thinnest layer by matching fruit and flowers.
Then, if you see the layer with holes on it, there may be a gnome hiding there
You can prove it when seeing a bright white color peeking through the holes

Similar to any matching 3 games out there, you must examine the board to see if you make a four chain combo.
Doing this will earn you a lot of reward in form of gold coins

Gold coins can be said as the premium currency of this game that you can use to purchase power ups
Make sure to get the shovel power up where you dig up one tile anywhere on the board
You can also have power ups such as the one with an explosive or rainbow power up already on the board But, having the shovels will highly be recommended to clear the board fast.

In order to get more coins, just play more rounds in the game
If you want to get them more, just connect your Facebook account to this game to get 1,000 free coins
You can then use them to get extra moves or use them to solve a tough stage

On the other side, when your rainbow blast meter charges all the way on the board and you can also see that a piece is forming on the board, it will be recommended that you must hold it until you really need it.
Use that rainbow blasts when you cannot get the berries and try getting a gnome out of a little nook in the corner of the board
If you use the rainbow blasts at that time, it will open the way for you to continue the next level

Besides collecting coins and stars, you will also have to get more lives that you can get from asking Facebook friends

As said earlier, you can make a four chain combo that will give you different types of special bombs, which will be handy to be mixed with other bombs to blow up bigger chunks of the matching field.

According to this, just double tap a bomb to blow it up without having to match it with another combo.
If you can do it well, you will earn a rainbow piece, that can knock out all of one color.


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