Tips Strategy Guides to Get More Credits in FIE Swordplay iPhone

If you like playing sword or fencing sport, you may have to play FIE Swordplay both on your ios and android devices

FIE Swordplay is a game about fencing with foils, swords, and sabers which is officially developed by the FIE
Here, you will be taught with real techniques from simple thrusts to powerful lunges and devious feints.

Along the game, you will take a role as a brand new fencer trying to become the best fencer in the world where you will represent your country against other swordsmen and swordswomen in local and national tournaments
Later on, you will then compete against other players to collect more credits, gold, and prizes.

If you want to be the victory in the match, try to button-mash the short hit button.
Besides, you can parry the hit then counter hit right while you must also block the hit from your rival
You may also use a lunge attack, or move in and lunge.
Make sure to take a step back, let them come, then lunge after them.

On the other side, you will be able to try some different types of fencing styles such as the Repertoire, where you can pick from different styles.
There, you will learn the speed and length of the attacks
And, you can swap styles as needed to make a good matchup against different types of styles.

The main point is to play every style, then play the ones that you prefer.
To play this game, you will need energy where you can hold up to six energy at a time for the single player mode
You will also get another six energy at a time for PvP mode.

Meanwhile, credits seem to be the premium currency of this game that you can get for free by completing every match

In line with this, if you score a flawless victory, you will get credits as bonus
With more credits you have collected from each match, you can use them to get new swords, masks and armor
Each equipment can improve your statistics when you are dealing with tough opponent since they will give you better stats along the match

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