Tips Guides Strategy of Playing Hand of God iPhone

Hand of God can be said as a tapping game that you can play both on the ios and android phones
Here, you will get to protect your character from getting killed by humans.

hand of god walkthrough ios android

To play this game, all you will do is to tap and use a different special attacks with special effects.
In other words, you will merely tap on any attacking human or vehicle trying to get your character.

If you tap faster, you will deliver more damage toward them.
You will know this tap attack represented by St. Anger on the upgrade screen
Later on, make sure to upgrade St. Anger when you have cash which will make your tap become more powerful and has special attacks.

Sometimes, you will see that your enemies will deliver more damage than others
To deal with this, you must try to attack the high damage enemies first since they will shoot your character with a higher fire rate.
So, take on them as your first priority

To defeat your enemies, always use your special attacks more often
In line with this, you can The God Hammer which will do heavy damage to enemies standing by
You can use it to eliminate a group, then use it to tap on immobilized enemies to beat them easily.

When unlocking new cuties, you can merge them with another cutie to gain an advantage.
You will also have to pay to continue the battle, or watch a video to continue.

In order to defeat enemies fast, you can tap the rage button which allows you to use particular skill
Every time, you hit the rage button, your cutie will deliver attacks at everybody during the gameplay
Thus, take this advantage to beat your enemies at ease


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