Tips Guide to Earn More Gold Coins in Football Heroes PRO 2017 iPhone

If you are a fan of football game, you may have played Football Heroes Pro on your ios and android
Now, that franchise of Football Heroes Pro has continued to launch Football Heroes PRO 2017 both on the apple store and android market

In the game, you will be on offense where shoving and tackling will also be your attacking options
To tackle, you will simply swipe the screen
And, for shoves, you will merely tap the screen

So, you can select to shoves since you can tap the screen fast
Doing so will allow you to take out your opponents very quickly

When being on the field, always stay alert of the orange flashes on your opponent
If you see that sign, it means that your opponent will tackle you
To deal with this, you can use a spin move by swiping the screen to dodge the tackle.
It is caused by the spin move will make you invincible completely, so that you can dodge tackles with proper timing.

Always consider to switch players if your teammates are brawling with an opponent
And, anticipate the flow of the game then check where the receiving player is.
Look at where any teammates are around him
Try to predict opponents where they are heading straight for him
In line with this, you can switch to the surrounding teammates to knock out your opponents

Gold coin can be said as the premium currency of this game that you can get in any other way
Here, you will get coin battle where you can bet an amount of coins before a regular match.

If you bet more coins, you will get greater reward
For further, if you want to get more coins, you can take part in coin battles since it will give you coins at ease

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