Tips Cheats Strategy to Get Diamonds Love and Hip Hop The Game iPhone

If you often watch VH1’s hit TV program called Love & Hip Hop show, you may have to play Love and Hip Hop The Game which is specially dedicated to the ios and android users


In this game, you must create a rising star and compete with others in the entertainment capital of the world.

Here, you can get a chance to be the most popular singer that you can do by recording new songs, purchasing the latest outfits, and making it big with stars.

Along the game, always search for the actions with bills as a cost during events.
Every time, you do actions, you will need energy drinks where you can also get experience

In the mean time, you will also get diamonds and rare stuff by using a couple bills.
Here, you will need to purchase some sort of food or drink.
So, these bills are important to make you survive in the game

One thing to make you success is your dress
Always get the clothes that actually improve your stats in ways
When purchasing clothes, you may notice that articles of clothing in the shop usually have either a kiss or microphone icon

At this point, you can wear the ones with the kiss icon on it.
And, wearing microphone on it will gain you more experience and bills from recording sessions
So, wear the clothes based on occasion or events

In order to get experience points, make sure to fill up the progress meter
If you have higher progress meter event, you will get more experience and bills

Besides, you can complete more actions during an event to fill up the progress meter quickly
At the same time, make sure to wait for the event’s timer to complete fully
Later on, you can come back to the game and spend your energy drinks in the middle of an event.
In related to energy drinks, they will replenish within five minutes for one energy drink

On the other side, you will get a bunch of recording requests after completing the tutorial of the game.
Completing these recording sessions will usually take an hour
In addition, if you can complete each task, you will get more diamonds as reward
Thus, always consider to get tasks completed as fast as you can to get more rewards in form pf diamonds


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