Tips Cheats Strategy to Earn Soulgems in Deckstorm Duel of Guardians iPhone

DeNA has an new high fantasy collectible card game called as Deckstorm: Duel of Guardians
This game is dedicated to the ios and android users worldwide

deckstorm duel of guardians walkthrough ios android

Seemingly, this game gives a feature fast paced PvP battles where you will manage your strategy such in the standard multiplayer CCG.
Similar to any CCG out there, you will get to build a deck to dominate the game

In the beginning of the game, you will have to learn the elemental properties of each card
Fire is strong against earth
Earth is strong against water
Water is strong against fire

Later on, when you are about to deal with your opponent, make sure to examine their composition of the card

In line with this, you can select three cards to beat your opponent’s cards elementally
Anyway, you will be able to get the upper hand which allows all of your cards to attack first
In other words, those cards will completely ignore the regular turn order.

When dealing with your opponent, try predicting your opponent’s move
Never play too many cards of the same element.
Besides, invest in Neutral cards in which playing one of these cards will come to an automatic upper hand breaker toward your opponent`s card.

On the other side, your cards will come along with special spells that are attached to them.
You can cast these spells after a certain amount of turns you have passed at that time
In the mean time, just tap on the glowing spell icon below the card to use them.
Also, make sure to power up your spells, which allows you to use them as you like

In every level, you will get to grab all three stars, whereby you must complete the duel within a limited number of turns.
According to this, try not to play cards randomly
By having more stars, you will also be granted with more experience and gold.

Inside your deck, you may consider to think about specific cards’ spells
In accordance with this, try to utilize Spell Prep starting with 15 points
Then, you can assign points to any of your cards’ spells.
Every single point is assigned to a spell which takes off one turn from its charge up period.

Meanwhile, you can have a research to gain some additional goodies.
It means that you can experiment to create high rarity card
By having such card, you will get bigger start bonus
So, always use your best cards

In addition, soulgems can be said the premium currency of this game that you can get in any other way
Generally, you will be rewarded with such currency if you can get your victory in the level

Alternatively, you may be able to watch the ad video from the developer that will exchange for few soulgems for free
Just rely on this if such feature is available to get free soulgems


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