Tips Cheats Strategy to Earn Ruby Key in Tap Tap Builder iOS

Herocraft will make you rich on the ios and android in which you can do this by playing in endless tapping games or even city building game called as like Tap Tap Builder


In line with this, this game, Tap Tap Builder is the combination of city building mechanics and the endless clicker genre which also offers a fun experience of gameplay.

In the way of going to be rich in this game, you will have to progress through the levels, unlock more buildings such as the Main Server where you can enter Promo Codes
If you can build the Movie Theater you can watch ads for rewards which are in form of ruby key, the premium currency of this game
And, the Obelisk of Victory will allow you to unlock Rankings and Achievements
So, the main point is to always go up through the levels so that you can unlock buildings and new features

During the game, always watch out the power, electrical power
In accordance with this, always have your Power Plant to the highest possible level.
To do it, try to build two Power Plants early and make sure that you will not have any power outages anytime soon.

When doing this, after starting to upgrade a Power Plant, it will no longer produce energy
For such reasons, try to finish the upgrade before signing out the game so that all your other buildings are functioning properly.

To get richer fast, use two fingers when tapping in which you can also speed up building a bit with that way.

In this game, energy will always be needed to construct buildings
However, the amount energy in the game is limited and it is replenished over time by tapping the gym.
According to this, always use the energy constantly to produce goods.
Later on, just use energy once logging in to the game, then build and upgrade buildings
Make sure to use all the remaining energy before signing out the game.

In order to manage your buildings to produce something, unemployment may greatly affect your economy and reduce the money you get as you have to pay a sum for every unemployed person in your city.

Be sure not to let them go up really fast
In related to this, job shortages will only influence the productivity of the buildings
To solve this always check the numbers of them

When you are about to construct buildings, make sure you plan the design of your city
It seems that each island is randomly generated for each player
Meanwhile, you can progress through the levels by checking out the map and building roads where you must build it many tiles as possible, including the hard to reach ones near the sea.

Also, you should build road on the mainland such as large rectangles, with room for two buildings between them
Building this will also optimize space and you will get the maximum amount of possible buildings to construct

If you are about to play this game in daily basis, always check your city’s stats by tapping the book icon in the main menu, which will show all your stats and information about the city you are running.

In the mean time, watch out on the unemployment rate, Crime rate and Fire risk, as well as production and construct new structures if you lack more at that time
In other words, balance is everything to have a thriving metropolis on your hands

You can also hire some workers to tap so that the city will keep growing and bringing you money even when you are out of the game
Then, you can also exchange resources with your friends

In addition, ruby key seems to be the main currency of this game that you can get for free in any other ways
To get it, you may complete tasks or quests in certain of time
Or, you can ask friend for sending it that resource


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