Tips Cheats Strategy Pixel Cup Soccer 16 iPhone

For anyone who loves playing football game on the console and the mobile, you may have to try to play Pixel Cup Soccer 16 as this is the best mobile retro football game that you can play both on the ios and android devices soon

pixel cup soccer 16 walkthrough ios android

In other words, Pixel Cup Soccer 16 can be said as a casual retro style soccer game, in which this is a great evolution from the first series

Here, you can play in game modes such as friendly match, competitions and penalty kicks where you can switch players on the fly, while juking your opponents, charging up hard hitting shots, and defending your goal.

In this game, you will also be able to choose teams from around the world, each with their own stats
When switching players, the pass button will also take a role as the player switch button.
To do this, when your current player has not got the ball, just tap the pass button to switch to another player closer to the ball.

On the other side, if you see there is player making a long pass or shot, take your finger off of the digital pad.
It is caused by the camera will follow the ball in automatic way, and the game will automatically switch you to which player closing to where the ball is going to land.
Thus, always prepare to get that ball and never let the opponents intercept the ball there

Meanwhile, you may run up to hit a penalty shot, where you will keep your opponent guessing by switching up your shots.
Remember not to use the same type of shot twice in a row as the ai computer players will catch on quickly if repeating shot angles.

Besides, you can do regular Power Kicks with the shoot button
In line with this, when charged, they will move quickly
According to this, uncharged kicks will not go fast, and they may throw off the opponent’s timing instead.

Also, controlled shots with the pass button will be slower than uncharged power kicks
Try to aim a shot by moving the digital pad in the direction you want the ball to go.

Later on, you may juke enemy players before making any shot on the goal
In order to do this, you may firstly have an enemy player tailing behind you.
When seeing this, never charge up a shot if someone will nail you before making any shot at the goal

Every time, you want to make a goal, run circles around the player who is chasing you.
In the mean time, try to get close enough which will allow them to attempt a tackle
Afterward, just dart out of the way automatically and try to charge up a shot


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