Tips Cheats Strategy of Tap Sports Football 2016 iPhone

Glu Games has recently come to the apple store along with their newest game entitled Tap Sports Football 2016 which is a lot like Tap Sports Football franchise that you may have played on the ios and android devices.

tap sports football 2016 walkthrough ios android

In this new series of football game, Tap Sports Football 2016 is all about timing and decision-making.
Here, you will identify the open receiver and tap anywhere on the screen to pass
Besides, you can also watch your receiver pull it down in the end zone
Just make sure to avoid blockers and time your tap to have a perfect gaining yards on your opponent.

Along the game, running will play in automatic
You can control your team when you see the need to cut, and when you need to do a simple tap to gain extra yards.

On the other side, playing this game is all about a team building.
In other words, you will create your special team consisting of players which are rated from one to five stars

Along with them, there are three individual attributes in each of them
And, you may have to improve your roster whenever possible.

When building your top football team, you can use real pro football players
After having such team, you can then challenge your friends in a complete football experience on your mobile device

Meanwhile, gold and cash are the main currencies that you can use on draft picks
According to this, you will receive new players based on the whims of a spinning wheel.
If you have five star franchise players, they can be rented for five games at a time with special franchise coins
With these coins, your squad will get temporary boost.

Alongside, you will be able to play in a wide variety of game modes such as single games, leagues and tournaments.
This game also provides you some rewards by tackling daily and weekly leaderboards.

In the way of getting much more gold and cash, you can connect your Facebook account to the game so that you can invite and play against your friends online


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