Tips Cheats Stragtey Phoenix 2 iPhone

Firi Games has launched Phoenix II as a new space shooter game that you can play both on the ios and android platforms.

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Along the game, you will have to play daily missions, where you can go as far as you can to get more credits to unlock the massive collection of ships and purchase upgrades.

Credits are the premium currency of this game that you can get in any other way
Early on the game, you will get credits by completing an act or a new wave
Besides, you will also gain experience points to level up your ships

In daily basis, you can get more rewards in form of credits, where you need to go to the pilot section to get your rewards once gaining an experience level
With such rewards, you can purchase more upgrades for your ships to make them stronger.

In line with this, enable the push notifications on so that you can get a new ship from the warp gate
Each of these ships comes along with their own unique features and methods of attack.
Their guns will shoot in automatic way
And, their special defense will fire whenever you do force touch.

Note that some ships may charge shots which will fire whenever you let off of the screen within amount of time
Then, make sure to touch the screen again to continue moving

Just Pick the ship based upon what enemies you deal with in a specific new level of the game.
It is caused by different kinds of shots will be stronger against different kinds of turrets, ships, or even parts of ships
For such reasons, selecting the right ship when dealing with enemies with the same specification of your ship

On the other side, you may need to upgrade your main gun which will increase the amount of damage and the fire rate so it will spread more bullets out toward the enemies ships on the screen
Thus, doing some upgrades especially for the gun is really important to take out enemies boss ships


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