Tips Cheats Guides Strategy to Play ENYO on iPhone

If you like playing a new turn based game, you may consider to try playing ENYO on your phone
This game is about pushing your enemies into a hot lava with all kinds of weapons and equipment

In line with this, the mechanic is based on the idea of indirect combat.
Here, you will be able to fight and beat enemies by pushing or pulling them into burning lava pits or spiked walls on the board.

During the gameplay, your move will determine your victory
For such reasons, just take all the time and think about your next move and watch and predict where the enemies will go next.

On the other side, you can play in the expert mode by tapping the expert mode button then unlock it by watching an advertisement video.
Later on, just keep watching the ad video to play in the expert mode

When battling with enemies, just take advantage of the stun leap to prepare them to be knocked into the lava.
Do this when you are close to an enemy
At that time, just jump next to an enemy so that they will be stunned for one turn.

After beating them, you will then move around a few times until the stun leap recharges
There, you will get yourself into a good position then use the stun leap to enemies near your character

If you want to send an enemy into the drink, you can use the hook
You can do this when you are away from them
And, with the hook, you can catch them making careless moves
Thus, just send the hook flying all the way across the screen, and latch onto them, so that you can send straight down to the lava pits

Always stay back, and learn the square to move your enemy to the area of the pits
Afterward, you can then move back and forth, while waiting until they get into just the right area and tank them.

Meanwhile, you can also use the shield bash to make quick work of an enemy without moving
Before doing so, use your hook to pick it back up
Then, you can use it for future throws and shield bashes to get victory in the level.

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