Tip to Upgrade Points for High Score in First Class Flurry iPhone

First Class Flurry from ViquaSoft can be said as a new flight attendant-themed time management game which has been launched for the iOS and Android users.

first class flurry walkthrough ios android

In this game, you play as a new flight attendant who has to keep all of the airline passengers happy all the time

You will do everything from food to teddy bears to turbulence warnings, even taking lost kids back to their seats.

To make everything all right, you must organize your jobs and tackle them to what you need to do.
In other words, you can fill your tray with food and other things like drinks or teddy bears, and take all those out first.
Also, be sure to get all of the trash at once and take it to the recycle bin.

When there is something to do with trash, just go from right to left to go to a short path to the recycling bin.
When you have something to do in the galley, get everything ready then work from top to bottom, or from bottom to top, or from left to right.
With this method, you will not waste time getting to the passengers that need your favor.

Every time, you can do everything right, you will get points that you must upgrade to buy various upgrades, from faster shoes to better accommodations that will be handy to help passengers to be more patient, and get a bigger tray to hold more goodies.

Be sure to upgrade the energy drink machines, sweet treats and whatnot, so that you can regenerate them more quickly.

When it is about to upgrade points, just go back to old levels and play them again
Here, you can rack up points and use the new upgrades to score better on later levels
So if you have high scores, you will get more upgrade points, that will come to a self-reinforcing tip.

Sometimes, you will get the turbulence hit during the flight
In line with this, you must stop everything then go to the intercom to help all of the passengers such as fastening their seatbelts

Plus, you must help any kids who are lost get back to their seats.
Once doing everything to calm the passenger in that situation, you must then sit yourself down for bonus points.

For such reasons, if you have more time that you have left over, you will get more points, in which this will be a good time to use an energy drink in this game.


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