Tip to Get The Exit Checkpoint in Magic Flute by Mozart iPhone

Magic Flute by Mozart developed by Lab Like can be categorized into a puzzle game which is inspired by Mozart’s 1791 opera

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This game is presented in a rich storyline and beautiful music
And, it also features simple mechanics to solve some difficult puzzles.

Here, you will be assigned to go through a level by manipulating a pathway to find the an exit fast.
Along the game, all you will do is to move modular components of the environment such as tiles, blocks, crates, and lifts.

You will then have to unlock checkpoints and later levels by gaining as many points as possible by solving each puzzle.

Every level herein can be complete in a various methods
Each time, you can complete the level, you will be rewarded with points
In other words, you have to earn more points as fast as possible.

By getting more points, you will then be able to reach a checkpoint which will firstly appear after you have reached level 9 in the game

You will have to learn the different combinations of modular components in each puzzle so that you will be able to get to the exit.

On the other side, you will have set up a ladder to guide your character to go to the top or bottom before moving something else.

At this point, the ladder will function to expand to the tallest block in front of it
And, a ladder can expand across an immovable block which will be handy to get an obstacle out of your way.

In order to overcome the obstacles, you can move around crates and boxes in space on a grid without touching other elements.
You can then move up crates, down, forward and back, but they cannot move around a corner
Try to find the L-shaped blocks to help bridge gaps.

Later on, you will go to the levels with cracked blocks where you should plan your exit very well
Here, you can only cross a cracked block once as it will leave your character stranded.

Try to sandwich cracked blocks between whole blocks to cover the most distance and be sure to have a safe place to rest.
Always remember not to put a cracked block directly next to an exit since your character will fall through before you can leave it.

WHen going to play with both Tamino and Papageno, you will be served with buttons and lifts can be triggered

Just move between characters deftly to trigger and utilize lifts
There, do not abandon one character without a means to ascend or descend.

You will not be able to operate a lift if the other character is standing on a button
Thus, try to move them off before switching characters.

If you see a lift to go too high and pass the block, just move a crate above the lift to where you want it to stop and when you trigger the lift, it will make stop below the crate so that you can move out of your way.

Finding the exit will be the main purpose of this game
You may find some exits hidden behind crates or other environmental elements.
Always rotate the scene to see this.
After getting it, yo can reverse engineer the path to the exit then start moving.

When playing with two characters, be sure to control the second character while trying to avoid falling through a gap or triggering a lift by moving your second character to a neutral space before letting your first character exit in the game.


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