Tip to Get More Money in The Executive iPhone

Riverman Media launched its newest game called The Executive few days ago
In a glance, this game talks about the mining business, or it can be said it is the business of kicking werewolves to make money.

the executive walkthrough ios android

To play this game, be sure to upgrade your mining first as this will lead you to earn cash a lot faster
In line with this, you will see the incremental improvements that will add up to the point where you can start earning one dollar every second.

Be sure to play this game regularly as you will stop earning cash after three days if you do not start up the game and do an activity there like playing a level, purchasing an upgrade, etc.
At least, try to start it up at least once every couple of days to keep the money rolling in.

When dealing with werewolves, speed will be the most important thing to beat them
With the speed, you will be able to react to enemies’ attacks in which you can block faster when fighting against such kind of enemies

Besides, you will also be given with special abilities such as Heal, Shield, Pierce, and Reflect.
Meanwhile, having special attacks will also be very useful such as the Flame Kick or Flame Sweep that will set enemies on fire and do damage over time
Moreover, with Silverstrikes, you can particularly do lots of damage to wolf-like baddies.

On the other side, if you encounter a particularly nasty were-thing, you can activate your Reflect ability
Sometimes, to give more combo, you can mix Reflect with Shield so that any kind of block counts as both high and low then you can simply turtle and wait them out.
At this point, if you can block more damage, they will inflict more damage on themselves.

Sometimes, it will be better to use short swipes than broad swipes
If you use broad swipes, you can try and trigger your special attacks but they will not work
Therefore, you need to use shorter, more abrupt swipes that will be flaming kick or changing your fist into a silver spike.

Throughout the game, you will earn money every time you finish a level
In accordance with this, you will get the bonus at the end that you can use to upgrade your business.

Later on, you will need to swipe to get around each levels’ auto-running segments
Here, if you miss or react too late, it will reduce your score at the end
But, you can still nab an A rank even with a couple of misses.

In addition, to make more money in this game, just try to beat every level
In fact, you will not need to beat a level to access the one that comes after it.
Because you cannot unlock the final stage in your current rank and you cannot access the next rank that adds even tougher enemies and more money, so you must finish all of the levels in this game.


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