Tip to Earn More Gems in Craft Royale iPhone

If you have played a card battle and MOBA games you may have known that Clash Royale is the most popular games both on the ios and android devices

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Recently, a game in similar genre called Craft Royale – The pocket pixel card battle game with skins exporter for minecraft has been launched on the apple store and android platforms

As same as Clash Royale, all you will do in this game is to destroy the enemy’s castles by playing a better combination of cards on the board

Here, you will also have to level up your cards that you can do by collecting a specific number of repeats of the same card in your deck.
You can get such cards from the card chests and purchase them from the store with the coins.

Note that you must balance your deck
Tanks, the pumpkin ogre are great to soak up damage at enemies in the beginning
Besides, you can send out little cards with small amounts of cubes since the tanks will protect them from much damage.

On the other side, you will also get a chance to have free chests after playing about four hours each.
At this point, you can get crown chests after collecting 10 crowns in the game.

In the way of getting these crowns, you will have to get your victory from the battle so that you can get one or two crowns based on how many castles you have conquered there
So, the main point is try to take out castles as much as you can
Moreover, if you get your victory by crushing the center castle, you will be granted with three crowns.

Except collecting crowns, you will also have to earn cups which will be useful to move on to the next arena.
Once being there, the chests you have got will give you more different types of cards
However, the chests in the store will cost more gems to get.
And, every new arena will also come along with a different appearance.

In this game, you must defend your castles at all cost and level up your cards to make them stronger
Besides, you must also evolve the cards, so that they will increase the life and attack power of your castles during in the game.

Ina addition, gems seem to be the premium currency of this game that you can get for free by defeating the enemy`s castle
Alternatively, you can get more gems by purchasing them form iaps in specific prices

With a lot of gems, you can purchase new cards that you can add to your deck
Therefore, you will have big chance to get your victory in each battle in the game


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