Tip to Collect Diamonds in Girls X Battle iPhone

Girls X Battle from Westlake Technologies is included into the most popular anime style rpg for the ios and android devices in this year

girls x battle walkthrough ios android

This game features hundreds of Anime Girls to control and master.
You will guide them to fight against rivals from other schools and dojos, monsters, and other foes.

In the mean time, you can then get more girls, equip them with items and upgrade them to be the most powerful ones to fight against other players in the campaigns.

Every player here has the skills composition among Battle Girls
Besides, they are enhanced with gears and timing on skill casting to accomplish some hard quests
You can use them to compete with other players in VS Player.

To make then powerful, you an equip up to six pieces of equipment for each girl.
Then, if their equipment list is full, your girls can promote, which can increase their stats and sacrifice all of their equipment.

Later on, you can unlock a new girl with the right amount of scrolls.
In line with this, just go to the girls menu and scroll to the right to girls
Then, tap them to see where to get the scrolls used to evolve a girl in your party
Afterward, go to their profile and tap the + button next to her scroll which allows you to see how to get more of her scrolls.

After unlocking a new girl and add her to your party, you must level her up to gain experience juice
When you do there, just try to use it on your lowest-level girls, and keep some when you get a new party member.
Besides, you can play in an old level and play it in auto-battle to get experience juice
There, you will get equipment, and coins to purchase useful items in the store.

For further, you can go through the campaigns as fast as you can unlock the rest places of the game.
You can unlock the store when you complete chapter 2
Then you can unlock the work place, the institution, and the quizzes and exams, open up when eaching specific player experience levels.

Every time, you have unlock new girls, you must level them up and only add them with higher star tiers to your party
You may also use scrolls to evolve your lower-star girls to a higher star tier ones, which can boost their base statistics fast.

When adding the new girls to your party, you will need coins to upgrade their skills which will make them powerful when battling with some enemies in the game

In addition, you will also get more diamonds, the premium currency of this game
Usually, you will be granted with diamonds once you have completed the battle fully
If you can accomplish a mission, you will also get those diamonds for free
Also, you can get more of them by winning in every battle online with your friends


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