Tip Strategy to Get Gold in Total War Battles Kingdom iPhone

Sega and Creative Assembly have Total War Battles Kingdom as an epic real-time battles game which is specially designed for the ios and android platforms

total war battles kingdom walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will be assigned to build your kingdom with the bonuses and a new structure
In line with this, you must check it out what nearby buildings which need to get a maximum bonus
Relying on this, you should try to build those buildings around it.

When constructing your castles, try to specialize them and concentrate on resource production
At this point, make sure to produce silver in one place
Build mansions, blacksmiths and churches for the bonus

Also, make sure to produce castle for your troop and combine a few of the building types to get the maximum bonuses

In this game, resources are everything to make your kingdom run smoothly
To get more resources, you should build more rooms in your kingdom

On the other side, it will highly be recommended to build roads and connect them with new castles
Plus, build Watch Towers to expand your kingdom then plan your roads and plan how each new castle looks like
In other words, every new area you unlock will be the a good spot for building a new castle.

Besides, you must have a complete setup of craftsmen, since they will give you better bonuses.
You should build Mansions and train all your peasants into craftsmen for having more bonuses fast

When invading the other kingdom, try to attack based on the active quests you have
Doing this will give you a chance to win each attack at ease

Before sending your troops into the battlefield, you must learn the types of enemies
Meanwhile, you must change the troops formation based on the enemies types.
As an illustration, if you deal with a row of spearmen, you can rotate your troops and use the army which is good at dealing with the type of enemy in the battlefield

In the mean time, you can try to swap your troops at the right time which will give you more bonus
At that point, make sure to time the swap perfectly
Doing this before the troops start charging whereby the enemy will not have time to swap their troops

Later on, it will be necessary to upgrade your units by tapping the Army Setup button
In accordance with this, you will get a skill then upgrade it so that the unit will get more XP points.

Plus, you can combine and match the skills while learning which one gives you extra attack boosts such as archers and long ranged troops, that can be back up for melee troops.

After reaching level 21 in the game, you must craft better equipment for your troops.
When doing so, do with your first row of units, and work on upgrading everything thereafter.

During in the battlefield, you must learn to charge perfectly
You can do this by tapping the charge button at the right time which will give you an extra bonus
Also, timing your charges flawlessly will increase your chances of winning the battles at ease

To manage your formation, the archers take a big role since they will support fire to your troops.
Therefore, you can focus the archer shots on other archers at first
According to this, you can try to switch troops between them during the battle

At a time, you can try using the special Church bonuses which will really be useful to replenish your troops and gain the advantage
Moreover, doing so will also taunt the enemy to attack the troops you want.

In addition, this game will feature gold as the premium currency which you can get in any other way
In order to get that currency, all you will do is to complete quest and win each battle
By winning each battle, you will gain more xp points for your troops and resources for your kingdom

Thus, always plan a good strategy to win each battle which will grant you gold, xp and resources which you will really need to expand your kingdom


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