Tip Guides Strategy to Play Auralux Constellations iPhone

If you have played Auralux on Steam, you may have known that War Drum Studios has recently launched its newest series which is called as Auralux Constellations aka Auralux 2 on the ios and android markets

auralux constellations walkthrough ios android

This game brings a new level based strategy game or rts genre where you can play it on the ios, steam and android platforms.

Similar to the previous series, you will get to build up forces around your star
In the mean time, you are also assigned to take over planets and upgrade them into stars
Then, you will use your forces to take over your opponents’ stars.

When building the stars, your planet or star will be allowed to hold a specific number of forces
In order to get more forces, you may have to take the forces out of your stars or planets
Or, you can send them to outer space.
Besides, you can load up the planets or stars closer to your opponents with forces.

To build up a big amount of forces, just place them around the screen as needed in which it will be impossible for your rival to take over your planets.
If you place them closer to the field of action, you can send them to an area where they are needed as fast as possible.

Later on, you will deal with tougher stages which are surrounded by enemy planets
According to this, you must upgrade your planets fast and send forces from other planets to speed up the upgrading process

Make sure to do this for any planet that you can upgrade
For such reasons, you can rack up more forces more faster

During the game, just tap to a star in the constellation and watch out for the difficulty level.
Consider to play from normal level to hard level star systems.

Sometimes, you may have one planet left to take
Here, just let the charge build up for a few seconds
Afterward, touch the screen with three finger to automatically direct all of your forces to that planet.
By doing so, you will take over it, which will make you beat the level easily.


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