Tip Cheats Strategy to Earn More Gold Coins in I Viking iPhone

I, Viking from Next Dimension Game Adventures Limited can be included into a new action RPG for the ios users where you will be brought to play in real time multiplayer

i viking walkthrough ios android

Here, you can join five other viking players to be in the competition of 3 on 3 online battles
Along the game, you will invade a village for collecting resources
And, your opponents also do the same as you do
So, your main goal here is to make sure that your opponents will not get a single coin form your village.

When playing this game every character can block light to medium hits, where you can negate the damage completely

In line with this, if you get hit with a skill or powerful blow, you will reduce some of the damage, whether or not you are hit with normal or skills
At this point, if you block too much in a short period of time you will get knocked back with each hit.
Then, if you continue blocking after that, your guard will break which will make you get stunned for a while
For such reason, never hold your guard for too long.

According to this, try to interrupt any of your normal attack animations with a block, in which it makes your regular attack come out very quickly after you stop blocking.
Sometimes, you may attack cancel combos with such technique

Always make sure to always communicate properly with your other two teammates during online battles and stick near them as well

When your party tries to find the key to open the castle gates you can split up during the first phase of the round.
Doing so will allow you to pillage as many houses as you can, so that your team will find the key first.

After opening the castle gates with the key, the village’s Militiamen will grow in numbers.
You will also see that the mighty Sir knights will also spawn
For you to know that, they can take out any low level character with two or three hits
So, remember where they spawn, and never get too close to them
Beside, do not carry a torch but try luring enemies near the Sirs since your opponents will get hit by them

In addition, you will get gold coins after completing some missions in this game
Gold and silver coins can be said as the premium currencies that you can get for free by completing specific tasks or missions
Therefore, try to get all of missions completed for having so much coins
With such coins, you can use them to purchase new weapons and any other valuable items which will really be needed for your characters in the game


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