Tip Cheat Strategy to Get Donuts Coins Cash in Motor World Bike Factory iPhone

Motor World Bike Factory is now the newest product of Oh BiBi socialtainment, which seems to be the the next series of Motor World Car Factory that you may have played on the ios and android devices.

Along the game, all you will do is to build up a successful motorcycle company, hire and train workers then build up a big series of bikes such as mopeds, cruisers, sport bikes, and even electric bikes.

From what you are doing in this game, you will be rewarded with coins and cash to rack up followers along with your company growth

Except coins and cash, donuts are useful to revive your workers when they are building bikes too much
Besides, you can also use them to feed your workers which is also to upgrade them to the next level.
If you have higher worker levels, they will work quicker so that they will get higher quality

In order to get more donuts, you can spend $1,500 coins to add to your max total on the donut bar as well as get a full free refill.
And, you can also spend cash to get more donuts.

To get more profit, try to build the most expensive bike and place it on the line.
Sometimes, you will get a rare and expensive bike early on in the game, where you must build that one to rack up your money and the quality as well

On the other side, you must visit to the lab frequently.
There, you can breed two bikes at a time to make an entirely new bike, which will be your profit centers.
And, if you have no matches for a particular bike, just tap on the locked bike
By doing so, you can see what research must do and unlock it.

In addition, you will get to earn coins by adding the buildings to your dealership
Moreover, make sure to get all of the quests completed for cash, coins or experience points as reward.

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