Time to Jump for High Score in Camel Ride iPhone

Creation Burst Studios has launched Camel Ride as a new side scrolling endless runner that has been available on the apple store and google to download

camel rider walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will play as Pakalu Papito, who is riding the camel trying to cross the desert at the fastest speed possible.
Along the game, you will come across some changing obstacles and beat them for a high score.

If you play Camel Ride online, you will see that the obstacles will change after you get 20 points on each level.

Here, you will guide your camel to jump in which the distance and height are determined by how long you hold the screen for.

Holding the screen for a short time will make a short and low jump.
And, holding the screen for along time will make a high and long jump.

But, the main point is to time your jumps accurately so that you can get up and over the pits while avoiding the cacti that show up frequently.

Sometimes, you may see that the edges of platforms will be very touchy
At this point, if you land on the edge, you will simply end up the game
So, it will be better to land in the middle of a platform, to get you in safe spot so that you can continue running and scoring high.

In the middle of the game, you may be tasked to watch a video to continue your run.
Just watch it to beating your high score into your new record

Thus, the main key to jump in this game is to time your jump and what obstacle is in the front
If you can do so in each level, you may get a chance to score up high in this game


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