Time to Jump for High Score and Gold Medals in Fugly Frog iPhone

As you can see that a new endless jumping game keeps going to the apple store
The one is called Fugly Frog made by Sayed Shubbar taht you can play mainly on the iOS platform.

fugly frog walkthrough ios android

In this game, all you will do is to jump from one platform to another for score as your achievement
Every platform in this game will come along with its own conveyor belt, alternating directions, that will really test your reflexes to time the jump exactly for the frog, and not move from side to side.

In other words, you will merely tap your screen in the right time, to let The Frog jump and pass through the gap as much as you can

To do your action, you should wait until you are right underneath the opening to make a jump.
Here, your reflexes will really be tested as if you jump just a second too soon, or just a second too late, you will miss the opening and it will be ending your run.
To deal with this, you have to center right in the middle of the opening up top before jumping

In the mean time, try to time it a little bit slower, whereby you can time your jumps a little bit early
With this method, you will get a much better chance of jumping from one platform to another one successfully.

Later on, your reaction time will speed up, and you will have to do more quickly now that will make this game more fun to play.

Every time, you can go through each stage with your score, you will be granted with various medals.
In line with this, three points score will earn you a bronze medal.
And, ten score points will earn you a silver medal.
Moreover, if you can get twenty score points, you will be granted with a gold medal.
For even more achievements of score beyond that, you may get a platinum medal or more.

As usual, this game is hard to play and you may get too frustrated after playing it for so long
To get rid of this, just leave the game for an hour or so whereby this will make your adrenaline and your mind go back to fresh again

Afterward, you can go back to the game with more fast reaction and fresh mind so that you will get new method to beat the score you have beaten in old stages before


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