Ticket Coins for Cristiano Ronaldo Kick n Run iPhone

Cristiano Ronaldo: Kick ‘n Run can be said as a new endless runner game for the ios and android platforms which features the world’s most popular footballer CR7.

cristiano ronaldo kick n run walkthrough ios android

Here, you will merely guide the superstar to run through the streets of the city, while performing a kick to the ball at targets and avoiding defenders, cars and other obstacles standing on the path.

In the mean time, you will also have to try collecting coins to get new outfits, boosts, upgrades and other valuable stuff.

When collecting coins, just follow the coins where you will clear obstacles, as they cannot go through coins.
Try to avoid the defenders as they can go in any random direction.

Each time you kick the ball at ten targets in a row, you will get a coin multiplier.
Kicking 20 targets in a row for a 3x multiplier,
You will get a 4x multiplier if you kick 30 in a row
The main point is that each ten targets gets you a multiplier upgrade.

On the other side, you must collect letters around, as they are part of the daily challenge
Collecting them will net you free coins or a spin at the Penalty Shootout minigame once completing the word.

Once having enough coins, you can purchase new outfits in the store
Besides, you must also get tickets by completing every stage in the game
You can use these tickets to purchase more coins.
In order to collect tickets, you can find them throughout levels
And, you may get them as bonuses

Make sure to get upgrades and boosts, which can be found in the store.
Upgrades will provide you a permanent affect to the power-ups throughout the level
You can have the Star Striker that will make the ball turn you into a huge ball and send you into the sky
You can get the magnet to draw more coins
And, the boost purchase will give you goal boosts and start boosts which will give you a free Star Striker
Then, goal boosts will increase your goal multiplier for one run in the game.


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