Three Stars Gems Cheat in Highrise Heroes iPhone

Noodlecake Studios has presented a new word puzzle game, Highrise Heroes which is specially made for the iOS platform.

highrise heroes strategy guides ios android

As described in the review of this game, your main goal here is to make words in a board in which playing this game is like playing Tetris with an urgency and a style of dropping the tiles.

Along the game, you will have an objective that is to rescue some people who are amongst the letters on the board
In the way of rescuing them, you have to match each letter so it will form a word that will blast each other so that those people will get out of the board one by one

In each stage, you will be provided with a maximum of five lives at a time.
Then, any time that you lose a stage, you lose a life, and any time that you lose a life you must wait few minutes for it to regenerate.

Alternatively, if you want to get your lives back fully without waiting for specific times, you can do the time lapse tricks
In line with this, all you will have to do is to set the time ahead on the date and time settings of your iphone or android device.
Just set the time ahead for few minutes then go back to the game and as long as the time has been set ahead enough
Because of this, you will get all of your lives back for free.
After getting your lives back, you can now change the time at the recent time then play the game again

Anyway, the game also features some currencies, such as premium upgrade, gems pack and faster life refills

At this point, gems are the premium currency of this game that you can use to purchase many goods in this game.
Usually, every time you have successfully rescued your friends from the letters board, you will be rewarded with threes stars and gems as well
In related to these gems, you can also get more free gems, by going to the IAP store screen
Afterward, you can scroll down to the offers, such as liking or following the game on Facebook and Twitter
On the other side, just watch the promotional videos from the developer in order to earn two free gems as bonus reward.

Demolition tiles are the one that you can sue to beat any stage with ease.
Meanwhile, you must make a word of at least four tiles in order to get a demolition tile in red one
Then, you can try to make a word of at least seven letters to get a gold demolition tile.
In accordance with this, it will be better to make longer words as they will give you more points.

Always stay alert of your oxygen loss because when you lose oxygen, you will come to a risk of one of your characters passing out before completing a stage.
For such reasons, be sure to connect at least one word with blue tile character to your character whenever you pop an oxygen tile.


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