The Highest Score Cheat in Circle Pong iPhone

App Cow has introduced a new twist on the classic Pong concept on mobile platforms which are specifically made for ios and android

circle pong walkthrough ios android

This game is named Circle Pong where your skill will be tested to tap to change the direction of the spinning paddle so that you can continue hitting the ball.
Anyway, this game is along with the paddle going around in a circle, and if you hit the ball for more, your score will increase as high as possible.

Your first tap will send the paddle spinning, then the second tap will release the ball straight downward without changing the direction of the paddle.
At this point, the ball will be on its own trajectory, and you can control the paddle.
In order to make everything work, you have to time the ball and the paddle run well.

Here, you have to try reaching the ball with few taps.
Just try to let the paddle go a bit past anywhere, then you can reverse after that.
if you can hit the screen more times to get the paddle to the right place, it will be more erratic task getting it there.

On the other side, always keep in mind that the ball always moves at the same speed, and the paddle does.
Looking at this, it seems to be much easier to time the ball and keep playing for a long time.
In line with this, you may rack up your scores, as long as you keep focusing your moves.

Meanwhile, if you can knock the ball slightly cockeyed, you can simply let the paddle keep spinning in a circle time and time again
At this point, it will meet the ball without tapping anything.
For further, if you can time it right, you can get it
Later on, the paddle and ball will keep going in a circle, so that it will be easy for you to gain more points out of it.

In addition, during the game, you will often be bored with advertisement that keeps coming up
For such reasons, you can play this game without the ads, that you can do by putting your phone in airplane mode.


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