The Beginner`s Tutorial Cheats Strategy Sandstorm Pirate Wars iPhone

Ubisoft has recently launched Sandstorm: Pirate Wars, an action RPG which will take you into a post-apocalyptic adventure game on the ios and android devices

sandstorm pirate wars walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will be assigned to create your Sand-Cruiser, a warship and upgrade it with deadly weapons and life-saving shields to go for the missions in the desolate wastelands

Here, you can also experience frantic real-time battles with other players online and become the most formidable pirate roaming these barbaric lands.

When playing this game in The Pirate Arena, you will face off against other players.
So, just make sure your ship and systems are upgraded before you get in

On the other side, you will also get the regular rewards by beating enemies in daily missions
These rewards may be in form of valuable power cells, the premium currency of the game

Also, you will have to accomplish side missions to collect extra bolts
In accordance with this, after unlocking the Tavern, you can pick up requests from the local folks.

In related to the missions, if you take more missions at once, you will deal with more enemies during your journey.
And, they will also have better ships, which will be tough to beat
Thus, just take on a couple of missions, that will be easy to accomplish for rewards

To deal with enemies, you will be equipped with weapons
At this point, the red rage bar next to your weapon selection will refill overtime.
When it is activated it will start to drain but all of your weapons will increase damage during this time which will make critically hit

And, weapon rage will refill back again once it is depleted, and it will also refill fast
In the mean time, you must watch out of your support systems such as your shield and flares
They must be refilled once they have been drained of energy that you can do by activating them

After, building up enough energy, select the system to be refilled in automatic.
Later on, make sure to keep them up to balance between offense and defense for your ship and weapons

Soon, you have completed the third story missions, you can then purchase a new ship.
However, it will be better to stick with the Raven.
All you will do is to make it powerful by upgrading it with the best weapons and shields


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